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B.A. Stanford University 1979: human biology, emphasis on neuroscience.

Author of The Way of the Owl and Play as if Your Life Depends on It.

Teaching credential: Humboldt State University, 1989.

Black belt rank in karate and aikido.

Twenty five years teaching experience: group classes in functional fitness and martial art

Occasional consultant to MattelĀ® on fitness and animal play behaviors.

Creator of the innovative fitness training method, GoAnimalĀ®.

Massage therapy certificate and private practice.

Extensive post-graduate training in physical therapy practices and functional exercise. Seminar studies with Paul Chek, Gary Gray, Vern Gambetta, Aaron Mattes.

Traveled to East Africa on three occasions to study human evolution and the ancestral environment: Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Gombe National Park.

Extensive rock and alpine climbing experience throughout North America.

Three thousand hours of flight time including 7 years as a flight instructor, two seasons in Alaska.

Partner, Institute for Play

Recreational drummer and dancer.